A selection of our previous projects

Agri-Business: Business Model Innovation

Spire was tasked with supporting an emerging markets focused agri-business company which wanted to reduce food waste at the ‘farm-gate’ and innovate existing industry standard business models. We conducted a market-entry feasibility study for an Africa country, and designed a completely new sector business model by developing an ‘end-to-end’ value chain, including a logistics chain, product development and new distribution channels.

Pharmaceuticals: Market Entry & Modelling

A global pharmaceuticals company sought to craft a market entry strategy to capture an increasing share of one of the fastest growing Asian markets. In a three-pronged approach, we executed an independent survey to corroborate the internal case for entering the market, conducted initial modelling to determine the actual market size available for capture and designed a comprehensive entry strategy and operational plan for the first 3 years, including identifying the most appropriate on-the-ground partners.

Aviation: Corporate Restructuring & Strategy

One of the five largest airline groups by revenue sought assistance with a corporate restructuring, including the evaluation of leadership and board level positions. We utilised our proprietary strategy model to conduct an objective assessment of existing roles and responsibilities against the ability to execute its global strategy, proposed changes to the shareholder structure, mediated and executed the agreed upon recommendations and devised the subsequent communication strategy.