Digital Agility Assessment & Playbook

At the heart of our technology advisory is a proprietary playbook that enables leadership teams to extract more value from existing and new technologies.

What sets it apart is its singular focus on addressing the two principle reasons why digital transformation fails:

Existing technology does not enable strategy

New advanced digital technologies do not integrate into the organisation or legacy system 

The playbook works through an assessment – advisory – execution constellation across the Transformation Value Chain to test for agility, strengths and weaknesses in 3 areas:


Be clear on exactly how technology can enable your strategy


Understand how planned investments in advanced digital technologies can most optimally integrate into your organisational structure


Know exactly which technologies you should procure. Save priceless capital by only purchasing technology that seamlessly integrates into your organisation and clearly enables your objectives

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When the Playbook should be applied

The playbook provides enterprise leaders with critical intelligence to make better decisions about how technology can drive strategy, and can be used to execute complex digital transformation projects or to build superior strategic positions through the application of advanced digital technologies.

Would you like to know how our Playbook can help you leverage advanced digital technologies?
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