Capacitating Digital Transformation

Successful digital transformation is always led by strategy, not technology. It should enable your company to digitally advance two of your most valuable functions: building deeper customer relationships and improving the quality of your services and products.

At Spire, we focus on the uniqueness of your vision and strategy, rather than deploying technology as a commodity. Therefore, we’ve developed a ‘strategy-first’ practice to enable successful digital transformation by assessing your preparedness within the context of your people, processes and business model. We ensure these are truly malleable, so that when technological change requires you to adapt, you can.

What you can expect:

Risk, Functionality, Process Assessment

Digital Transformation Readiness score, providing an objective independent assessment of your existing processes and technological infrastructure and ensuring alignment between your strategic objectives and key resources


Developing new malleable processes, personnel strategies and business models, and ensuring that the right customised technology and software solutions are being designed and/or procured


Enabling a completely integrated and seamless delivery of your strategy through technology. With our software partners, we can:

> Digitise your processes to reduce inefficiencies

> Build digitised advisory and relationship models to empower your customers

> Provide integrated SaaS and BPaaS solutions

> Create new functionalities in your client-facing apps (and for financial services firms, develop execution, trading and advisory capabilities)