Strategic Forecasting

At the core of our advisory lies a Strategic Forecasting Framework that systematically imagines your likeliest futures and delineates the specific preparatory steps you need to take to realise these futures.

The Framework is a first-of-its-kind analytics and validation tool that combines cognitive neuroscience and First Principles Reasoning with your corporate strategy, as well as the industry, geopolitical and cyber contexts.

This Framework is ideal for:

CEOs, C-Suite leaders and business owners who need to make big bets today on how their company will compete in the future

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CISOs and CTOs who need to anticipate unexpected threats and seek a superior alternative to quantitative prediction models

What you can expect:

1. Visions of Your Future

Creating multi-scenarios of your future​

2. Production of Effects-Based Models

Forecasting the effects the scenarios will have on your products and services, and applying quantitative models to rank the likelihood of each scenario happening

3. Strategic Roadmap

Backasting to execute your chosen Futures​